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Gilles & Marion


Gilles & Marion

Heckle  and Jeckle on a

Paddle Board


Gilles has over 20 years of experience in training and teaching board sports.
He loves to adapt the sport to everyo
ne and pass on his passion for skiing, paddle boarding, windsurfing.

He will make you play and reconnect with your inner child.

Certified in Sailing, Water Skiing,

Alpine Skiing, Lifeguard

Bilingual: French - English



Curious and empathetic, Marion likes to discover new horizons,

new people.

She likes to change her life, challenges, new ideas and

she loves to play.


Coach, Facilitator of life changes & Mediator.


Bilingual: French - English

Light Spanish

Gilles & Marion

Spend their time between Paulilles and Golden, a small village in British Columbia in Canada in the middle of the mountains where you can find champagne powder snow.


And you ? What excites you?

Come play with us and tell us your story.

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